About the Author 

My name is Lexi, I'm a college student originally from the Milwaukee area.

As a child, I was an adamant tomboy. I thought the girls who gossiped during recess and braided each other's hair were "icky." Even in my early teenage years, I dressed in almost all black and went through a hilarious goth phase.

I first began to explore my girly side when I discovered Lolita fashion, a style out of Japan that emphasizes girlish-cuteness. Through Lolita, I began to feel much more comfortable with being overtly feminine and wearing colors like pink and mint -- which I had always loved, but never felt comfortable in.

Though I since feel like I've grown out of Lolita, I'm thankful that it's allowed me to find a part of myself that I used to repress. Now I relish in being unabashedly girly in almost everything that I do. That said, I still hold onto some of my nerdiness; I'm an avid gamer, sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast, and cartoon lover!

About Rhinestone Religion

I started Rhinestone Religion as a way for me to explore my newfound personal style -- both in fashion, and general lifestyle. I love luxe pieces, and I have a taste for elegant and refined aesthetics with some over-the-top girlishness for good measure. As a college student, I may not always be able to incorporate these ideals into my every day life, but I can certainly try!

This blog is about adding a touch of glamour to everyday life, and not being afraid to set yourself apart from the norm.

The name Rhinestone Religion comes from a passing daydream I once had about my biggest inspiration and idol, Dita Von Teese. Almost every single one of Dita's props is covered in Swarovski rhinestones, and the thought passed my mind of how cool a mosaic made from rhinestones of Dita herself would be. The mental image reminded me of the depictions of saints on the walls of old churches.

Combined with my love of alliteration, and Rhinestone Religion was born.
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