Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Touch of Class

I'm still missing a few things for my apartment... namely, a vanity and a nice bed set but I'm also on the lookout for anything that will add a little bit of personality to my otherwise standard issue college student living space.

While traversing the far reaches of the interwebs, I stumbled upon Touch of Class and ooh my gosh it's like someone purposefully sat down and decided to create a site with the sole intention of tempting me to spend every last cent that I own.

My plan for my bedroom is a white/pink/gold color scheme (check out my last post, you might start to sense a theme in my color palettes...) and I was looking for a comforter in those colors that hopefully also included roses.

Good news: Found it!  Bad news: Sort of our of my price range. 

But seriously, look how gorgeous this is. Please someone tell me I'm not crazy for actually considering saving up $320 for this? I mean, it comes with the comforter, a bed skirt and pillow shams so I'd be getting a bit more bang for my buck than just a comforter.

Now, please join me in oogling a few other gorgeous albeit unnecessary pieces.

{Victoria Rose Wall Teester Bed Crown, $149}

{Countess Scroll Area Rug, $89.99}

{Rose Vine Candleholders, $66.99}

Uhgn, everything is so pretty. I guess once I'm more settled in and can stop running to the store every other day because I realized I'm missing something I'll be able to start saving up for some nicer, more decorative pieces. 

Note: I am in no way associated with Touch of Class. My intention in this post is simply to share a store I found with readers who may have similar aesthetic tastes. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Classic and Feminine Summer Accessories

First off, hello everyone! I'm (mostly) moved in to my new apartment, which means I'm back to blogging on a regular basis. The place is lookin' pretty, pretty good so far, but I'm missing a few key pieces of furniture and some other finishing touches, but I promise pictures once everything is perfect!

And now, let's jump right back into the swing of things shall we?

Dressing in summer can be difficult, especially if your personal style utilizes a lot of layering like mine. It's extremely tempting to throw on a billowy dress and walk out the door -- but don't! What if I told you it's entirely possible to add some pizazz to your otherwise unimaginative outfit without overheating? Doubt not ye nonbelievers, it's true. The secret is in the accessories!

Make sure to have an assortment of accessories that coordinate well with your closet's color palette, and have them on hand to add to any outfit for an instant pick-me-up.

I went through my jewelry and decided a couple key pieces to liven up my summer style, take a look to get some ideas!

Gold Chain Necklace {Express}

Rose Combs {Handmade}

Light Pink Jeweled Earrings {Forever 21}

Cat Eye Sunglasses {Target}

Gold Jeweled Earrings {Express}

What are your favorite accessories for Summer? Tell me in the comments!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Temporary Hiatus

Hello everyone!

My semester is finally over, and I've gone back home from school. I'll be moving into my very first apartment in two weeks. You have no idea how excited I am to be done with dorm life for good! Right now however, my worldly belongings are either stored at a friend's house or packed away, and with all the chaos of moving I don't have much time to write blog posts that I think will be up to my standard of quality. And so, I'm going to be taking a short break until I'm all settled back into one place and have all of my resources on hand.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my projects, so if I don't have X pair of shoes because they're stored away, or Y eyeshadow color to do a makeup post it just doesn't feel worthwhile. I want to give my readers my absolute maximum effort at all times, and if I can't do that I feel that it's better to take a break than publish sub-standard editorials or pictures. I will be back to writing regularly mid-June, and I promise pictures of my new apartment and lots of great content as soon as I'm able!

Thanks for your understanding!

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