Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Touch of Class

I'm still missing a few things for my apartment... namely, a vanity and a nice bed set but I'm also on the lookout for anything that will add a little bit of personality to my otherwise standard issue college student living space.

While traversing the far reaches of the interwebs, I stumbled upon Touch of Class and ooh my gosh it's like someone purposefully sat down and decided to create a site with the sole intention of tempting me to spend every last cent that I own.

My plan for my bedroom is a white/pink/gold color scheme (check out my last post, you might start to sense a theme in my color palettes...) and I was looking for a comforter in those colors that hopefully also included roses.

Good news: Found it!  Bad news: Sort of our of my price range. 

But seriously, look how gorgeous this is. Please someone tell me I'm not crazy for actually considering saving up $320 for this? I mean, it comes with the comforter, a bed skirt and pillow shams so I'd be getting a bit more bang for my buck than just a comforter.

Now, please join me in oogling a few other gorgeous albeit unnecessary pieces.

{Victoria Rose Wall Teester Bed Crown, $149}

{Countess Scroll Area Rug, $89.99}

{Rose Vine Candleholders, $66.99}

Uhgn, everything is so pretty. I guess once I'm more settled in and can stop running to the store every other day because I realized I'm missing something I'll be able to start saving up for some nicer, more decorative pieces. 

Note: I am in no way associated with Touch of Class. My intention in this post is simply to share a store I found with readers who may have similar aesthetic tastes. 

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