Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yummy Yogurt + Strawberries

Since I've moved out on my own, I've been eating a lot healthier (dorm food isn't exactly conducive to healthy living.) I've been experimenting with food combinations and ways to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction.

One of my favorite meals is this one -- a handful of strawberries cut into halves/quarters, a few tablespoons of fat-free yogurt, sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of honey. It's extremely satisfying and sweet, and only maybe 200 calories at the most. Works great as breakfast, or a snack between meals.

It seems to fulfill any craving I get for cereal too. Taste-wise it's a bit comparable to Special K with strawberries, but definitely less carbs.

I've also lost six pounds since I've moved into my apartment at a healthy rate of around 2 pounds per week. Last Summer, I lost fifteen pounds on Weight Watchers. I hit a plateau on that plan, but now I'm counting my calories and so far it's been working great. It's definitely a lot easier now that I have more control over what I eat or just keep in the house in general. I plan on posting more about my fitness journey, and I'd love to hear any advice that have from your experience with getting healthy!

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  1. I love yogurt and strawberries! I'm trying to get a little healthier too and lose some vacation weight I've gained. My boyfriend is a huge fan of desserts (like me, except he has a better metabolism) so I'm trying to avoid sweets when he makes or orders them haha :)


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