Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fashion Inspired by Adventure Time Part I: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline

WHAT TIME IS IT? Adventure Time is a strange "kid's show" on Cartoon Network that takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth known as Ooo. The denizens of Ooo are all mutated life forms as a result of the "Mushroom War" except for Finn, the hero and only known human. Despite its bright colors and simplistic art-style, Adventure Time's stories often have thinly-veiled adult humor and sometimes morbid themes which accounts for its large following outside its target audience. 

Adventure Time also tips its hat toward various geek cultures through references such as D&D alignments and video game-like "boss fights" and music. It also has ton of unique characters, so for my first installment I decided to focus on the two main ladies -- Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom and Marceline the Vampire.

I love Adventure Time for characters like Princess Bubblegum. At first glance she's a typical pink-wearing castle-living princess cartoon character, but she has a passion for science and serves as a voice of reason  for the heroes as well as the citizens of the Candy Kingdom. That said, she can also do some morally questionable things such as attempting to bring deceased Candy People back from the dead. Twice.

Even though PB has a default costume, she has a range of other outfits ranging from casual to dressy that all play on the same color scheme of bright pink and purple. A bright pink dress with a purple sash sets the base for this Peebles inspired outfit, with pastel lavender accessories to tone down the brightness. A rhinestone candy necklace serves as a shout-out to her servant, Peppermint Butler.

Marceline is a thousand year old vampire who plays bass guitar and eats shades of red. Marceline is similar to Princess Bubblegum in that she can also be morally questionable, but Marceline doesn't hide behind any pretense of being righteousness. She's a pretty classic chaotic neutral who likes to play tricks that make her seem much nastier than she actually is.

Marceline has a casual goth style and usually dresses in black, red or grey. Plaid and stripes are popular prints in her wardrobe, and she can go out in the daytime with the aid of a sunhat or parasol.

Do you watch Adventure Time? What other characters would you like to see featured?


  1. I love Adventure Time! Both of these outfits are great and reflect the characters well!

    Lumpy Space Princess is my favorite, so I'd love to see an LSP-inspired outfit :)

    Great post!

    1. LSP is definitely in the works! :)

  2. I never really watch the show, but as soon as I saw the Vampire Queen's boots on this blog, I flashbacked to my days at Macy's ladies shoe dept, and those boots remind me of Etienne Aigner's riding boot styles. Something mid or slightly above calf seems appropriate for that ensemble IMO. Even a nice pair of high-heels go good with the skinny jeans, and maybe swap that long-sleeve for a camisole.

  3. wow yall are crazy who would want to do pb


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