Monday, December 17, 2012

Kiss From a Rose

It's so nice to finally be done for the semester! So much has piled up on me and the last few weeks I found myself getting less and less sleep regardless of how hard I tried to get to bed early.

I didn't have a thing to wake up for today. I love the feeling of waking up naturally, where you gradually become aware of what's around you and how freaking comfortable your bed is. I remember in my half-awake stupor pulling my fleece blanket closer to me and thinking that I was a baby bird warm and cozy inside an egg.

Turned out I slept ten hours. I am okay with this. 

Unfortunately, I also had the bad luck of hitting a rough patch relationship-wise during finals as well. I think I've finally found the courage to move on though. When I'm with someone I care about, I noticed I have a tendency to be too willing to make excuses for them and let them take advantage of my eagerness to make them happy. I let them get away with treating me poorly because I want them to see me as understanding and willing to compromise. In the end, I'm the one doing all the work and feeling neglected.

I need to start focusing on my making myself happy first. It's a hard thing to come to terms with -- but it's necessary. Love is hard, man. 
Outfit Details
Cardigan: Target
Dress: Lace Affair
Belt: Forever 21
Earrings: Betsey Johnson

Anyway, any time I'm feeling  a little down I like to dress up in something gorgeous. I just got this dress a few weeks ago and I've been hoping for an excuse to wear it (someone take me on a date goddamit, it's a perfect date dress!) and I figured going to the mall with my friend for some Christmas shopping was as good a reason as any.

I guess it's not very Winter-y, but eff that I love me some floral printed dresses and I will wear them all year if I want.

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