Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 5 Style Inspirations: Kim Kardashian

The following is a five-part series on my biggest style inspirations, real and fictional. I've never been one for spot-on trying to copy another person/character/celebrity's outfit, I tend to aim more for the realm of "close enough" because I believe that style should first and foremost be self expression. Of course, it's never a bad idea to draw inspiration from those you admire. Thus, in this series my aim so to create sample outfits that are influenced by my inspirations, but not exact copies of what they're wearing. 

Say what you will about her intelligence or reasons for being famous, I still think Kim Kardashian is absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing celebrities with killer curves, and I take a lot of inspiration from Kim's style because her body is much closer to mine than most other well-known celebrities. Snaps of Kim on the street often show her wearing high-waisted skirts paired with blouses but at special events she wears gorgeous dresses. Glamorous, sophisticated and sexy sum up Kim's style pretty well, all of which I strive to reflect in my style, which is why Kim is one of my top five style inspirations.

(Blouse, Shoes, Earrings, Belt, Skirt, Tights)
This outfit uses an entirely neutral palette and mixes dress pieces like diamond earrings and a shiny blouse with casual pieces like a slouchy bag and leather belt. It's definitely a versatile ensemble, and could easily be worn to class or a nice dinner.

(Earrings, Purse, Dress, Belt, Shoes)
Leopard print can be tricky to pull off without looking trashy, but when done right I think it's very glamorous looking. The key is to balance the rest of the outfit with another neutral (in this case, black) with a few hints of gold, but the print is still the star of the show.

What do you think of Kim's style? Or the Kardashian craze in general? Tell me in the comments!

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