Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Encounter With My Arch Nemesis

First of all, I'm sorry for the mini-hiatus. I've had a few personal problems to deal with the last few weeks, but everything should be okie-dokie now (I hope.)

Hours have been slow for me at work. I went in to trade in a game I didn't want anymore and was informed that we had a dress code policy change. Apparently the new code is "business casual" but everyone has been dressing more "business business". Frankly, it's a video game store. I think casual but put together is perfectly fine and the new code just looks pretentious; like we're pretending to be a different kind of establishment than we actually are. We used to be able to wear jeans, but now we're required to wear dress pants.

 I have not worn dress pants in about five years. I hate them. They either sit too high on my waist, or too low. Or they're too big, or so small that I get that extremely attractive set of wrinkles that radiates out from my crotch. And they're always, always too long which means I'm going to have to get them tailored if I don't want them dragging on the floor and having the hems ripped to shreds. I was asked to come in yesterday, and since I hadn't had the chance to buy a pair of spawn-of-the-devil pants yet I had to wear a knee-length skirt. While I love skirts they're just not optimal for all the bending and sitting and crouching I have to do when I'm merrily filing game discs away.

I work tomorrow because I'm one of the only people at the store that doesn't care about the Super Bowl, which means I cannot fail my mission. I must acquire, no, conquer dress pants once and for all. I will find a pair of pants that will be able to coexist with my body, or help me I will die trying.

PS. I'm also waking up at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow to get to Target right as it opens for the Jason Wu collection, so expect a review of what I manage to pick up in the near future!  Just kidding, the nearest store that got the collection ended up being two hours away. Lame.

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