Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Style Wishlist

October Wishlist

Silk Pussybow Blouse

I used to avoid blouses like the plague, I thought that billowy look tended to make me appear shapeless and bigger than I actually am. I've since discovered ways to style them that don't hide my curves, and pairing them with a full skirt is both romantic and classy. Still missing from my wardrobe however, is a pretty and versatile silk blouse like this Vivienne Westwood piece. 

Oxblood Skirt

Oxblood is understandably a popular color for Fall this year, I like the dark vamp-y vibe it gives off. I could see it being understated paired with a cream colored top (like the blouse) or made edgier with some leopard print. 

Tweed Pants

For those days when I don't feel like wearing a skirt, it would be great to have something to fall back on outside of the basic dark wash skinny jeans. Playing with texture is one of my favorite aspects of Fall fashion, and tweed really stands out around this time of year. 

Black Riding Boots

Bane of my existence. I have wide-calves, so for the last two years I have failed to find the perfect pair of riding boots. Even if they do manage to close all the way I either won't like the heel height or the hardware or something will prevent me from purchasing them. Not this year I tell you, I am a girl on a mission and I will scour every inch of every store that may even have the slightest chance of carrying boots to find a pair that works for me. 

Baroque Earrings

Baroque details are another trend that I love this season -- but unfortunately a lot of the pieces available tend to be a bit pricier. I think some jewelry inspired by the trend would be a great way to incorporate it into an outfit without breaking the bank. 

Fur Scarf

I already bought a fur infinity scarf from Target and I love it. It's a brownish color though, so it only matches one of my fall coats. I'd like to get a black one as well for more versatility. 

Felt Brimmed Hat

Cute and functional for adding just a tiny bit of warmth on crisp Fall days. I have a love-hate relationship with brimmed hats, I've noticed that they tend to cast weird shadows on my face but I'd like to be able to find a nice one in a dark hue. 

Dark Bow Belt

Emphasizing my waist is one of my number one goals when I put together an outfit, so it never hurts to have as many belts as possible. I could definitely use a few more in Fall appropriate colors, and of course bows are always adorable. 

Houndstooth Bag

This exact bag is actually at my local T.J Maxx and for some reason I keep not buying it when I very clearly have a strong desire to own it. In fact, I'm probably going to have to take a trip over there today and keep my fingers crossed that it's still there. 

Cozy Socks and Gloves

October is one of those weird months where you're not quite sure how many layers you're going to need. You could be perfectly comfortable with a cardigan or you might need to break out the winter coat. Having a few small but cozy knit accessories like socks and gloves to break out in a pinch definitely helps to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature, and I'm unfortunately lacking in this department. 

I'm going to go shopping this weekend to try to pick up some of my essentials and shall report back with my findings! 

What are you in dire need of this season? Tell me in the comments! 


  1. i love the lady-like vibe on your wishlist. I'm in need for everything in the new H&M fall collection ahah. I'm joking but they have some nice basics like tweed skirts and lovely blouses. They also have a lot of vintage looking earrings with a baroque vibe! you should check that out :)

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  4. great list, love the earrings and skirt!


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