Monday, October 1, 2012

October! Also, updates.

 Hello everyone!

Things have been slow going on this end. Though post ideas were flowing all through out September, I was hesitant to actually post anything because I've noticed my idea for where I would like my blog to go is slowly changing. As of right now, I feel pretty limited to fashion and beauty related topics. I definitely pigeon-holed myself, but I'm trying to break away from that. Not that I'm going to do a complete one-eighty -- I'm more looking to expand to a broader range of subjects. Think "lifestyle blog," many of which still focus on style of course, and that will be something I will still write about often. I plan to include more recipes, DIY projects, musings and sometimes just photography. I thought the start of a new month was a good time to give a heads-up on the slight change in direction.

More exciting news is that October is going to be a very busy month for me project-wise and I can't wait to post about all of them. Many of them are Halloween related (because if Halloween isn't your favorite Holiday, you're doing it wrong) and I have a few interior design projects I'm undertaking. I'm also planning on revamping the layout with my own code instead of a modified default Blogger layout, which is icky. I hope you'll stick with me through out the transition!

On that note, I'll be posting about my DIY Halloween costume as soon as some of my supplies come in. What are you planning to be for Halloween? Tell me in the comments!

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