Monday, December 26, 2011

5 Goals for 2012

With Christmas out of the way, New Year's is on the horizon. I've never been one to seriously make any New Year's resolutions, but this year I think having a list of goals for me to complete would be good for me, especially with my tendency to lose sight of the things I want and get caught up in the "now". As I was contemplating all the things I would like to accomplish, I realized there are a lot of them, I actually had to edit out half of them to make it a more focused and succinct list. but I don't think any of them are particularly difficult as long as I remind myself of what I want. Perhaps I'll print them out and post them on my desk so I can look at them every day.

1. Exercise at least twice a week.
I've lost about 25 pounds in the last year of my life, and it makes me feel fantastic. However, I'm still not within the healthy BMI range (yes, I know that BMI isn't entirely accurate, etc. etc.) and I would like to lose another 25. Vanity reasons aside, diabetes runs in my family and I want to make sure that I keep my body in the best shape possible, and sometimes it's easy for me to feel too lazy between school and work. I have free gym access through University, I may as well take advantage of it.

2. Continue improving my GPA. 
I've never been the most studious person in the entire world. I wasn't the most impressive student in High School, not because I wasn't interested but just because I hated the idea of homework. I would go to class, I would listen and participate, but it seemed ridiculous to me to expect me to be there for eight hours a day, participate in extra curricular activities and go home and do assignments. Even more so when you take into account how often High School reteaches the same things. Even though I've developed a lot more personal study skills in my year and a half of college, my GPA is still not where I would like it to be. I have been improving it every semester though, and I'd like to continue that pattern.

3. Be more open to social situations. 
I had never considered myself an introvert. I'm a generally outgoing person, and I don't easily get intimidated by social situations. That was until I heard a description of introvert vs. extrovert that I had never thought of before. Extroverts were described as people who gain energy and thrive off of social situations, where as introverts were people who may very well enjoy social situations, but expend energy in them and need time alone to recharge. The latter describes me perfectly, and I find myself often being apathetic towards the idea of meeting new people and having new experiences. That's something I would like to start changing in 2012.

4. Dress up even when I feel lazy. 
Sometimes, when I only have one class on a particular day and the rest of my plans consist of sitting in my room playing Skyrim, it's difficult to justify getting up any earlier than I have to so I can do my makeup and put on anything other than a T-shirt and jeans. Thankfully my class schedule is less erratic this semester, and I took special care to ensure that none of my classes started before 9:30 so I should have ample time to make myself presentable and accomplish this goal.

5. Post at least twice a week.
It's easy to get discouraged when blogging. I had a Lolita blog that I abandoned shortly after starting, but I think that's largely because my focus was too narrow and as I already discussed in this post, Lolita just wasn't for me. Blogging can be a labor of love, and I plan to keep that in mind in 2012.

What would you like to do differently or accomplish in 2012? Tell me in the comments! 

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