Sunday, December 11, 2011

On Glamour and Public Perception


Okay, so this advice is probably going to seem as counterintutive as it gets, but when it comes to wanting to be perceived as glamorous do not worry about the opinions of the people you know personally. No one that you're close to is ever going to view you as glamorous because the notion of glamour itself has an implied air of mystery and a lifestyle that is unobtainable to onlookers, and chances are if someone is your friend or family member, your lifestyle neither unobtainable nor mysterious to them. Especially  not if they regularly see you in your sweat pants eating a bowl of popcorn on the couch. (Not that any truly glamorous people would ever do that, right?) They can think you're beautiful, or stylish, or fabulous, but they will never think that you're glamorous. So, if being a gorgeous bombshell with a killer sense of style is the public image that you want to portray, your target audience is the people you interact with on a daily basis but who do not know you personally because that is the group of people who is most likely to notice, admire, and talk about you.

I've always loved to get dressed up. It makes me feel beautiful and confident, and when I have those two charges running through my system I can do just about anything. However, for a long time, especially in High School, I had a mindset that prevented me from putting too much effort into my appearance. "I don't care what any of these people think of me." I would tell myself and my family, "... so why bother trying to look nice for them?" But you're not trying to look nice for them, you're trying to look nice because it's something that you enjoy, and garner admiration for the amount of effort that you're willing to put in to your personal appearance, likely much more effort than a good portion of the people that you see daily. Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work, and there is nothing wrong in taking pride in being known as someone who is fabulous.

As a general rule though, I advocate outward appearance as a supplement to internal awesomeness. From my experience, being beautiful or unique looking is only a way of catching others' interest. You have to have more to give than just a pretty face and gorgeous dress for anyone to remain interested. Unless you're a celebrity. But you're probably not.

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