Saturday, April 27, 2013

Changing Things Up

Hello, lovelies. I need to touch base with you as there are a few announcements I've been meaning to make for a while, so let's hop to it!

Temporary Semi-Hiatus
So, it's getting to be crunch time for the semester for me. The good news I have like, one final exam. The bad news is that in place of those final exams I have; a 10 page research paper, a ginormous project which involves having to interview city officials, a literary analysis, directing and rehearsing a 10-minute play and creating a prompt script for said play among a few other tiny assignments all due in the next two weeks. Between all that jazz and filming the The Look, I'm a very busy bee and just don't have enough time to dedicate to blogging  at the moment.

More good news though: I really, really love blogging and being away from it bums me out big time. School is going to be my priority for the the next few weeks, but I'll try to squeeze in a post here and there if I find the time, just understand class is my priority at the moment. Once all that is cleared out of the way though, it's smooooth sailing.

I'm moving to a new apartment! 
This is only sorta kinda blog relevant but I'm super duper excited because my new place is a lot bigger, nicer (I get a balcony, woo) and I have space for an office. The process of moving will also bite into my bloggy time as well, but this will be going down during the time I'm taking a break anyway.  Plus, having a dedicated space to "work" tends to help get my creative juices flowing freely, so I'm excited for what I'll come up with when I'm in a nicer space.

Moving to Wordpress and Possible Name Change
When I first began planning to even start a blog, I faced a decision virtually every newbie blogger these days faces: Blogspot or Wordpress? I really, truly wanted to start with Wordpress right from the get-go but I ended up using Blogspot because I had dabbled in it before and because of the prominence of Google Friend Connect, which is not available on Wordpress blogs. I'll admit I'm not entirely sure how the closing of Google Reader will affect subscribers on Google Friend Connect, but I've come to the conclusion that if I'm going to have to start changing strategies anyway I may as well move to a more professional platform in the process. So, in the near future I will be moving to a self-hosted Wordpress format. 

Which brings me to a second point. Moving platforms is an ideal time to set into motion another tweak (albeit a major one) I've been tossing around in my brain for a while now. I'm not entirely happy with the name Rhinestone Religion. Initially, it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek but now I'm finding myself wanting to distance my blog from anything even remotely related to the concept of religion. I just don't like the undertone it gives off; it feels unprofessional and maybe even potentially offensive, especially as a decidedly secular individual.

My goals with the name change is to retain as much of what I've established under the current name as possible. So far the best candidate is "Rhinestone Roses;" I get to keep my weird obsession with alliteration involved, I can keep the RR logo/watermark, I have a penchant for florals and I should be able to maintain some level of brand recognition with it, though I'm exploring other possibilities.

Summary, TL;DR, etc.
I'm taking a two week break from blogging regularly to focus on my hectic end of the semester work
I'm moving to a new apartment, which is not entirely blog related but I'm excited!
♥ Rhinestone Religion may be undergoing a name change...
♥ ... but will definitely be moved to Wordpress in the near future
♥  Everything else like content and style will remain the same -- or if anything, be new and improved!

Thank so much for sticking with  me, I appreciate everyone who has taken an interesting my blog more than I can possibly express. I know I have a great community of readers, many of whom are fellow bloggers and many of you can relate to the constant desire to bring your blog to the next level, so I ask for your understanding. Sometimes life gets in the way.

 Also, if you've had any experience moving platforms or changing names, I'd love to hear any advice you have to give.

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