Sunday, April 7, 2013

Link Love 04.07.13

Don't forget that Google Reader will be shutting down June 10th. Follow Rhinestone Religion on Bloglovin' to make sure you keep getting updates. 

18 Trends That Died in 2012 ... I can honestly say I have never really liked any of these. Either I'm really un-trendy or I'm ahead of the curve. 
Did you catch the season premier of Game of Thrones? Here are 12 Game of Thrones House Sigils for the Internet
This was a really interesting read about blogging to "look good" vs. personal style. I definitely think it's a little bit of both for me; like most people I want to look as good as I can when I post pictures to my blog and I steer clear from anything I think is ugly or frumpy (even if it's trendy) but my style is already very feminine and classic. 
The 6 New Style Types -- I think I'm a mix of the Francophile and the Mad Men Extra. What about you?
 This advice on how to move is going to be very helpful to me in about a month. 

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