Monday, April 8, 2013

Lavender & Glitter Manicure

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Something about having well-groomed hands makes everything I do feel so much more elegant. Even if I'm doing something nasty like cleaning the toilet, it makes me feel like at least I'm cleaning the toilet with class. 

Unfortunately I was cursed with brittle nails and the overwhelming desire to pick at my cuticles during long lectures, which makes it nigh impossible to have beautiful natural nails. 

Enter gel nails, which I've had on/off for the last few years. I won't lie, they can be a massive pain in the ass to maintain and expensive, but they make me feel so good about myself that it's usually an expense I'm willing to pay. 

I do have a problem however with being daring when it comes to my nails. I almost always default to the classic french look. It's elegant and I never have to worry about it clashing with something I'm wearing. But after spending a few hours in the nail salon watching other clients who unabashedly will get neon orange nails with green tips (something I would never, ever do) I've started trying to dip my toe into less conventional manicures. 

Today's mani was a big step for me, because I had them painted lavender with pink glitter, which is kind of depressingly still really basic... but at least I'm making an attempt at stepping out of my comfort zone. They look refreshingly spring-like, so at least they're seasonally appropriate! I provided both of the colors myself, both are Essie and are called "Bond With Whomever" (Lavender) and "A Cut Above" (glitter.)

I'm scouring Pinterest as we speak trying to find some new inspiration for future polish. What are your digits currently colored? Tell me in the comments! 

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