Sunday, April 14, 2013

Link Love 04.14.13

Don't forget that Google Reader will be shutting down June 10th. Follow Rhinestone Religion on Bloglovin' to make sure you keep getting updates.

6 Life Lessons We Learned from Girls -- Okay, so confession time. I avoided watching Girls for a long time until my boyfriend got me into it. We just finished the second season and while I'm not borderline obsessive like I am with Game of Thrones, I have to admit it's pretty alright. I can definitely relate to a lot of what the characters on Girls go through. I cannot relate to being an exiled princess with three dragons in tow.
Some basic etiquette for your online life, because manners count on the internet too!
In the same vein, here are some tips for balancing sponsored content in posts and ethics.
The Pros and Cons of Bras -- Apparently bras actually make your boobs saggier. Sadface.
Miranda Kerr is no longer a Victoria's Secret angel. My feelings toward Miranda Kerr have always been something between girlcrush and blinding jealousy of her ability to somehow be adorable and sexy at the same time.

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