Monday, March 4, 2013

Where the Magic Happens

This post comes in two flavors! You can either take a look at my traditional post, or scroll down to the bottom where I experimented with video content.

Hey everyone! Today, I'm going to show you where I blog. I have a desk in my bedroom which doubles as my vanity, so it's kind of half makeup storage and half writing instruments, with a dash of inspirational nonsensery. 

I had initially intended for the desk to only serve as a vanity, but as I gradually started moving from blogging as a casual hobby to something I took more seriously I decided to allocate some space in the prettiest room in my apartment so I could feel more inspired while I work. 

I sit on a pink tufted bench which opens up for more storage space. I don't really like the color of it, it's a much brighter shade of pink than the rest of my room so I've been looking into fabric painting, anyone have any experience with it? 

Here's a closer look (with me in my lounging clothes in the mirror... class-ay) I keep my makeup brushes and drawers to the left side of the desk, as well as my palettes that you can see stacked next to the mirror. My organizational binder is open and ready to go -- it's been incredible for keeping track of all the minutia of running a blog. I'm terrible with sticking to a schedule but this cute, customized binder has kept me pretty on track. 

I don't have my laptop on the desk for this just because it's not a pretty little Macbook... it's a big, blocky Asus that I got for its gaming capabilities and kinda, y'know, ruins the overall aesthetic. Not every aspect of my life can be pink and dainty, but no one can say I don't try. 

I dug up some pretty books that I use for inspiration. The bottom is a book on Chanel's life and the top is The Last Unicorn comic -- the artwork is gorgeous and flipping through it puts me in a whimsical mindset. The movie has been one of my favorites since my childhood and this is my first venture into the world of comics. I've wanted to get into them for a while but for some reason I always felt really unwelcome any time I went to a comic store and never ended up getting anything. I digress... 

I keep my prettier makeup on display in a vintage candy tray. I've got everything from my Mor Cosmetic's order in there, as well as a YSL lipstick and a Too Faced lipgloss. I like to bask in my material possessions sometimes, so sue me. 

I also have a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright mug (which is a Lolita brand) where I keep pens, highlighters and dry erase markers. 

When I change apartments for next school year I'm really hoping I'll have an area I can designate as an "office" and get a desk specifically for blogging with more storage space for books, my binder and my laptop. All of the extras can be distracting sometimes when I'm trying to write, but I definitely think I manage to make due for now. 

Bonus Super Fun Exciting News: I acquired a point and shoot recently that has a video function, so I decided to experiment with giving the gist of this post in video form. I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but let me know what you think and I'll try making some videos that involved more foresight than just "Oooh, let's see what this button does!" Enjoy! 

This post was submitted to IFB Project #85: Where Do You Blog? 

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