Monday, March 11, 2013

Polka Dot Pink

 We had a bake sale at work to raise money for our Help the Homeless drive yesterday. I wasn't initially supposed to work that night, but I was asked to cover a portion of my co-workers shift so I came in for a few hours.

Everyone decided to wear aprons to go along with the theme, but since I don't own one I thought it would be cute to wear my new dress. I think it gives off a little bit of a 50's housewife baking in the kitchen feel, don't you think? 

It's actually a halter dress, so it'll be perfect for Summer and my vacation, but I needed a way to cover it up and make it more work appropriate so I tied a white blouse around it which... kind of gives it a more country-girl vibe but oh well. 

Outfit Details
Blouse: The Limited
Dress: Lace Affair
Shoes: Aldo (similar)
Necklace: Vintage

Lace Affair might be my new favorite shop for dresses. I got this one from the site as well, I think they're really reasonably priced for the quality. I know this dress was available on another (ahem, very popular) site for $15 more than I paid for it. Love it when I use my super sleuthing powers to find bargains. 

I was a little nervous for it to come because I wasn't entirely sure on my size, but the medium fits like a dream. The hem is just right that it shows a little leg without stopping me from bending over, the waist is exactly the right size and it covers my bust enough that if I were really careful I could probably get away with wearing it without a bra, though I did opt for an adhesive one because I would really, really like avoid wardrobe malfunctions at work. 

I'm definitely packing this for Puerto Rico -- can't wait to wear this adorable dress outside without anything over it and it'll look awesome with the white sun hat I picked up for the trip. 

Oh yeah, I started tanning for the first time in my life. Notice any difference? Haha. 

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