Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring 2013 Wishlist

Looooot of stuff on this wishlist. I feel a little greedy, but Spring is my favorite season for fashion. I've been bitching a lot lately about how the weather is totally cramping my style, and now that it's March I feel like I can finally start looking forward to Spring shopping -- the weather is perfect for light layers, the colors are bright and cheery, floral prints everywhere... whew, I need to sit down before I get too excited.

My personal aesthetic for the season is going to focus on color combinations. I'm really loving black + white + hot pink right now (with polka dots, for good measure) as well as the effortless chic feel of camel + coral. The former is already a pretty gosh darn easy color scheme to pull off for me with what I have in my closet, though the latter is going to take some strategic purchasing.

I actually already have two trench coats; one hot pink and one leopard print, but I somehow haven't procured the staple tan colored trench. How is that even possible? One of my main missions for the season is going to be to add this essential to my wardrobe. Target has great trenches out right now, and they're on the cheaper side for those who are budget conscious and looking to do the same.

Know what else I could really use? Some sleeveless blouses. I layer cardigans and blazers over plain camis quite a bit, but getting a pretty bow-blouse without the bunching sleeves would be much cuter and more comfortable!

Everything else is more icing than cake. I love the look of a pair of dainty gloves with a sundress, and I definitely need a new pair of sunglasses before I go on vacation to Puerto Rico this month (Wooo, Spring Break! Just kidding, I'm not a woo girl.) I also recently rekindled my love affair with quirky rhinestone animal brooches, which are obviously far from being essential but add a little oomph to any outfit.

What are you lusting after this Spring? Tell me in the comments! 

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