Monday, March 25, 2013

Pictures from Puerto Rico

Hey everyone! I got back from Puerto Rico on Friday, but I had to work the rest of the weekend so I took a couple more days off. Big thanks to Willow of Willow's World for contributing a guest post while I was gone!

This also happens to be Rhinestone Religion's 100th post, so take a quick second to give me a little clap and a "yay!" Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip to get back into the swing of things. Enjoy!


Unfortunately, things didn't really go as planned for us on Monday. We had wanted to take the ferry to Culebra island, but it was full so we went to Vieques instead. Then, it started to rain and the waves were choppy so we weren't able to go snorkeling like we had intended. We walked up and down the beach though, and ate at a local restaurant and bar and just enjoyed the warm weather and relaxing atmosphere. 

Candid picture of me eating. Cute, right? /sarcasm
I do however, find this picture of my boyfriend eating to be the cutest thing ever. 
We also weren't able to do the Bioluminescent Bay tour, which is one of the big attractions in Puerto Rico. The bay on the main island was booked up through the week, and we couldn't stay until dark on Vieques because the ferry back left at 6PM -- Oh well, I guess it's just an excuse to go back! 


Tuesday we took a snorkeling trip with East Wind Excursions. I didn't get too many pictures from the actual trip since we were mostly in the water. I was a little disappointed with it to be honest, it was sold as a snorkeling trip but we were only able to go for about 30 minutes before getting called back to the boat for lunch and heading off to another beach where there weren't any reefs to snorkel in. We basically went on a very long beach trip on a small island. Even when things weren't going as planned though, I tried to remind myself "At least I'm in Puerto Rico." 


Thankfully things started to go more smoothly towards the end of the trip! Wednesday we went to Old San Juan, a more historic area of Puerto Rico. The streets were narrow, hilly and cobblestone and the houses all packed together. It definitely had a little bit of a European feel to it. 
Most of the day was spent exploring Castillo de San Cristobal, one of Old San Juan's two fortresses. Historic sites are some of my favorite places to visit when I travel, even if it does get a little tourist-y. It's so cool to think about how many people have been where you're standing and how long ago. And it being a fortress, thinking about how many people have died right there. 
These turrets are a pretty iconic image in Puerto Rico, an image just like this is on the license plates!
Also, there are iguanas everywhere. I took a picture pretty much every time we encountered one because the only time I ever see them is in the Zoo. In Puerto Rico, they're like squirrels. The one above is my favorite of my many iguana snaps though, look how majestic that little guy looks!

Second favorite is definitely this next one of this huge sucker we saw by the hotel pool.
I really wanted to wear my new dress that I wore from my last outfit post to Puerto Rico. I didn't realize how windy it was going to be and I had more than one incident where I had to quickly flatten my skirt down to avoid flashing the entirety of Old San Juan my pink lace underwear! Thankfully the boyfriend did a pretty good job of keeping an eye on it for me.


Friday we drove to El Yunque rain forest, the only tropical rain forest in the United States. It was absolutely gorgeous, though we only had time to drive through most of it and stop at the landmarks instead of hiking a trail.

Later, we took a second snorkeling trip off of Vieques with much better results. We were able to go for a couple of hours. My boyfriend saw a sea turtle, sting rays and a barracuda, but I wasn't in the right spot at the right time. On the boat ride back to the main island though, we saw a whale come to the surface which was really neat. 
La Coca Falls

Even though the trip wasn't without its frustrations (what vacation isn't?) it was such a fun way to spend my Spring Break and I can't wait to do more traveling. 

I think my Spring Break was earlier than most people's but did you or are you planning on going anywhere for yours? Tell me in the comments! 

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