Monday, February 4, 2013

Pearls and Studs

Outfit Details
Sweater: Forever 21; Pants: Loft; Shoes: Aldo; Necklace: Vintage; Handbag: Madden Girl 

One day, on a whim, I bought a pink sweater from Forever 21 because I was trying to incorporate more of my favorite color into my wardrobe. Under normal circumstances, buying anything from Forever 21 is understood to be a very short-term purchase, but let me tell you that goes doubly so when you buy anything that has a bunch of tiny, tiny embellishments sewn on.

I don't know why I thought this was a good idea. I wore this to go shopping on Saturday, and every time I'd pull it over my head to try something else on at least two or three minuscule pearls flew off and bounced all over the floor. By the time I went home, almost the entirety of the left side of my chest was missing its decorations and I had several little pink threads poking out in every direction. 

I could maybe, maybe get one more wear out of it if I don't mind being lopsidedly adorned or if I just clip all the little pearls off myself -- but at (I think) $20 for the sweater, the cost per wear on this item is pretty abysmal. Cute concept, poor execution. But as I said, I really shouldn't have expected any better from a store that is pretty much the epitome of fast fashion. 

I mentioned in yesterday's Link Love post that I'm trying to be more discerning about the quality of clothes I buy. While I can't afford absolute top-of-the-line quality as a college student, at the very least I can try to avoid really, really obvious lapses in judgement again. 

Here's what I picked up at the mall though. I got two tops from the Limited, which while again not being top-of-the-line quality, is certainly better than Forever 21 and was having a pretty great sale when I stopped by. I'm really excited about the polka dot sweater, as I've been on a sweater kick lately. I used to think sweaters looked really... matronly on my figure. Think Kindergarten teacher with a cat applique cardigan. 

I have since discovered, however that if I'm very particular about the material and cut I can manage to pull them off. Specifically, V-necks and very thin, form-fitting knit will work. I feel like an entire world of new possibilities has been opened up to me since discovering I can actually wear something that's felt off limits to me for so long. 

Have you ever made clothing purchase that you regret? Or have you discovered ways to wear something you previously didn't think you could? Tell me in the comments! 

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