Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tea Tuesday: Adagio Hugs & Kisses and Sweet Nothings

When I posted about my Valentine's Day, I mentioned that my boyfriend gifted me some new tea from Adagio, which is a brand I've been dying to try for a few months now. I only ever hear good things about them and was eager to try some of their tea for myself.

Unfortunately, the Valentine's Day gift set Love Petals was sold out. But, I still got two of the tins that came in the set -- Hugs & Kisses and Sweet Nothings.

I won't lie, I not-so-subtly dropped some hints before Valentine's Day that I had been eyeing these up. Look at those tins, even if I hated the tea I know for a fact I would have found a way to decorate with the containers. The good news is that I absolutely love both of them!

Hugs & Kisses is a rooibos tea blended with rose petals and cornflowers. The blend itself is absolutely gorgeous and brightly colored, I almost want to just eat it straight out of the tin. 

The flavor is a little bit heavier than it looks, but that's to be expected with most rooibos. I think it's better with a small amount of milk mixed in (almond milk, for me!) It leaves a slightly strange aftertaste in my mouth, but the initial flavor is great so I don't mind as much. It also has little to no caffeine, which is perfect for me because I like to drink tea before bed. 

Sweet Nothings is a white tea, and is actually the first white that I've added to my collection. I was a little bit apprehensive about it at first, because white teas are more delicate. They are more sensitive to temperature and steeping time, and the flavor is more subtle. Most of my tea is black, which is pretty much the exact opposite of all of those things. 

The white tea is blended with sunflower petals, lavender buds and apricot. It isn't as pretty to look at as Hugs & Kisses, but the taste is amazing. It's light and refreshing without being too fruity, because fruity tea just makes me feel like I'm drinking juice. I'm not turned off to the idea of white tea anymore just thanks to how delicious this blend is and I want to buy a bajillion more flavors. 

It's too bad that the third tin in the set, Ripe for Romance, was sold out. From the website, it looks as though that blend was a favorite in the reviews. Which I mean, is probably why it was sold out in the first place. It's a black tea with chocolate and raspberry flavors I'm sure I would have loved. I'm signed up to get a notification when it comes back in stock, so hopefully I'll get a chance to review that one as well!

I've been doing Tea Tuesday for a few weeks now and I'd love some feedback on the feature. Do you enjoy Tea Tuesday or find it useful at all? Anything you'd like to see added or improved upon? Please let me know!

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