Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fashion Inspired by Adventure Time Part II: Fionna and Lumpy Space Princess

WHAT TIME IS IT? Time for part two of my Fashion Inspired by Adventure Time series! If you've never heard of Adventure Time, here is a quick description of the massively popular Cartoon Network TV show from my first installment of the series

Adventure Time is a strange "kid's show" on Cartoon Network that takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth known as Ooo. The denizens of Ooo are all mutated life forms as a result of the "Mushroom War" except for Finn, the hero and only known human. Despite its bright colors and simplistic art-style, Adventure Time's stories often have thinly-veiled adult humor and sometimes morbid themes which accounts for its large following outside its target audience. Adventure Time also tips its hat toward various geek cultures through references such as D&D alignments and video game-like "boss fights" and music. It also has ton of unique characters... 

I focused on Princess Bubblegum and Marceline for the first post, and now for part two I'm featuring Fionna and Lumpy Space Princess! 


In one episode, (two this coming Monday!) every character in the show was given a gender-swapped version of themselves, a sort of alternate-reality Ooo. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil the reason behind the swap but I can tell you that some of the gender-swapped characters are insanely popular for only having been featured in one episode. 

Fionna is the gender-bend of Finn, the human protagonist of Adventure Time. I figured going with the female version of the main character would be the best route for featuring female fashion. An outfit inspired by Fionna was a little bit tricky to put together at first due to the risk of it seeming too costume-y, but by using a loose interpretation of her already very mainstream outfit I was able to create a look that definitely draws inspiration from her tomboy attitude and practicality while still being very wearable. 

This polka dot sweater is the perfect color to match Fionna's top, and adds some interest to the otherwise solid-colored ensemble. A pair of medium-length shorts are perfect for adventuring, and a green satchel in place of a backpack keeps the outfit from looking like a costume. Add a sword accessory, because Fionna is all about swords, as well as a white knit hat to tie in with the character's signature look and you're ready to fight some evil!

Lumpy Space Princess

Like, lump off! Lumpy Space Princess aka LSP is a fan favorite and was specifically requested in the comment section of my previous post. If you've never seen Adventure Time, it's difficult to explain why LSP is so hilarious. Just, watch this video and you might understand

This was another tricky one to put together because Lumpy Space Princess isn't humanoid. She's just... a purple blob. So I had to look into her character for some inspiration. 

Set the color scheme with a purple dress, and then add quirky bright-yellow accessories. It's revealed in one episode that LSP is actually homeless, so I thought a dingy leather bag would be a perfect nod to that little tidbit. A bold, berry colored lipstick was the natural choice when I remembered an episode in which she smeared jelly on as makeup and looked lumpin' hot. 

There's another gender-bend episode coming Monday, be sure to watch!

What other characters would you like to see featured in Fashion Inspired by Adventure Time? I have a lot to choose from so I'm going to get to as many as I can. Make requests in the comments! 

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