Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tea Tuesday: Reddit Tea and Coffee Exchange

Hey everyone! For this week's Tea Tuesday I just wanted to let you know about Reddit Gift's  coffee and tea exchange this year.

If you have a Reddit account (you can sign up for one easily) you can participate in Reddit Gifts, which hosts various types of world-wide exchanges with different themes such as Pokemon, books, crafts, etc. For more information on how the whole process works, click here.

You can specify if you're interested in tea, coffee or both. If you want to try flavors and brands of tea and wish you could do the whole Secret Santa thing all year, then this is literally everything you've ever dreamed of. I signed up on day one and I can't wait to get my match on February 18th -- I'm going to send them a bunch of flavors from a local tea shop I just discovered a few days ago.

To sign up, click this link right here

Remember, you need a Reddit account. You can sign up for one at Reddit.com. I highly suggest becoming a part of the Reddit community if you haven't heard of it before, even for those just interested in fashion the smaller community (subreddit) Female Fashion Advice is a great resource and to get individualized advice when it comes to dressing. There is also Male Fashion Advice for those of you with a Y chromosome.

Who knows, maybe we'll get matched!

P.S Stay tuned for next week's Tea Tuesday, where I'll be reviewing the tea I bought at the local shop I found.
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