Sunday, February 10, 2013

Link Love 02.10.13

♥ This TED talk on sexual objectification of women, "Sexy Lies" is great. My only gripe is the conclusion seems to insinuate that fashion and beauty is a frivolous pursuit. Otherwise though, it's a great watch.
♥ Loving this collection.
♥ I love this post via College Fashion about Marie Antoinette, she's one of my style icons!
♥ 12 Tricks To Looking Awesome on Video -- great advice to have. I'm actually thinking about adding some video content soon!
♥ Along the same vein, here are some tips for taking self portraits. Really useful for bloggers like myself who have to take our own pictures!
♥ Twenty Tips That Will Make You A Savvy Shopper. Enough said.

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